Save The East Coast Endorses Corrado, DePhillips, & Barlas in District 40 Race

Save the east coast is very happy to endorse senate candidate Kristin Corrado, and assembly candidates Chris DePhillips and Al Barlas from district LD-40. Here is their answer to the question about their position on offshore wind:

” Senator Corrado and Assemblyman DePhillips voted against the Orsted tax credit, and if elected, Al Barlas would also oppose any legislation to give taxpayer money to a private company for offshore wind. All three of us are vehemently opposed to the industrialization of our shore.The significant increase in marine mammal strandings and deaths along our beaches, since the onset of the offshore wind farm development can not be reasonably denied as being linked to the sonar mapping that been taking place. Any attempts to deny the connection between the two is simply intellectually dishonest.”

Please make sure you and your family vote for these three great supporters of our movement in LD-40! Lets win this election.