Save the East Coast Endorses Henry in the Legislative District 12

Save The East Coast is proud to endorse Owen Henry for Senate in NJ Legislative District 12. His district includes parts of Burlington, Monmouth and Middlesex Counties. He is currently the Mayor of Old Bridge and he signed a strong letter, with 31 other Mayors and county officials demanding the BPU to give answers on the environmental and economic impacts Offshore wind (OSW) will cause. He has gone on record, in writing, to us his opposition to OSW. “I oppose offshore wind projects as proposed for New Jersey. Orsted, a foreign company, was given both federal and state tax incentives although through their own admission, cannot reach the targeted gigawatt and targeted time frame promulgated by the federal government. Governor Murphy has provided a bailout for this company using ratepayer dollars as Orsted states such subsidies are not sufficient and that canceling the project in its entirety is not off the table. I would halt these projects going forward.”