Seaside Park

Save The East Coast Endorses:

John A. Peterson, Jr

SAVE THE EAST COAST is extremely honored to be endorsing Mayor John A Peterson, who is seeking another term as Mayor of Seaside Park. 

Mayor Peterson, a long-time resident of Seaside Park, has sounded the alarm for years, and asked tough questions, hoping to protect the ocean and bay from the massive wind turbine projects off our New Jersey shores. He has also led a fifty Mayor bi-partisan coalition to enforce a moratorium, pending independent scientific research. His fight continues against the massive electrified cable installation project which has already begun on Island Beach State Park right off Seaside Park.

Mayor Peterson and his team, candidates for Town Council, Connor, Kraft and Rotonda, VOW to continue the fight against the Industrialization of our Atlantic Ocean.


This Information was independently provided by Save The East Coast. 82 Bridge Avenue, Bay Head, NJ 08742