Save The East Coast backs District 3 Team

Save the East Coast is very happy to endorse Incumbent Senator Durr and his team Assemblywoman Bethanne McCarthy Patrick and Assemblyman Tom Tedesco in LD-3.

Senator Edward Durr has been an outspoken opponent of wind farms off the coast of New Jersey since before he was elected to the Senate. As State Senator he introduced a bill that urged an immediate moratorium on sonar testing and wind turbine mapping due to the unexplained deaths of marine life. Senator Durr is on the State Senate Environment and Energy Committee. He is a strong advocate for veterans benefits. He has been a force in pushing legislation that attempts to temper the onslaught of Trenton on restricting our rights and interfering with our life.

Incumbent Assemblywoman Bethanne McCarthy Patrick is also an opponent of wind farms. She helped introduce a bill in the Assembly asking for a moratorium on sonar testing and turbine mapping. The Assemblywoman has years of experience in emergency management as a firefighter and EMT. Tom Tedesco brings to the table years of experience as a civil engineer serving south Jersey Communities. He has served on the Hopewell Township Committee heading public safety and health issues. Along with Senator Durr, Both Assembly candidates vow to fight offshore wind farms, reduce taxes, improve the plight of veterans and stand with law enforcement.