Save The East Coast Endorsed Team Catalano in District 10 Local Race

save the east coast endorses Team Catalan for mayor and council in Brick, NJ


John Catalano – Mayor

James Palmisano – Council

Theresa Gallagher – Council

Mary Jonas Buckley – Council

Rocco Palmieri – Council

Save The East Coast endorses TEAM CATALANO for the upcoming mayor and council elections in Brick. The entire team is committed to ending the industrialization of the ocean. Bricktown is a community which encompasses not one but two watersheds: Manasquan & Metedeconk Rivers.

It is vital to ensure the prosperity of the town by protecting the watersheds and ocean ecosystem while providing a balance between commerce and enjoyment. Their overall platform and commitment to the residents’ financial bottom-line and quiet enjoyment makes them the BEST choice to ensure Brick’s future success.