Save The East Coast Endorses Schepisi in LD 39

Save The East Coast is proud to endorse a true anti-wind warrior in the legislation with a record to prove it senate candidate Holly Schepisi from NJ LD-39 district —Holly voted against the federal tax incentives as well as the legislation Bill NJ S3926 which took away home rule. She supports a full halt of these projects. She has been extremely outspoken regarding the marine mammal stranding and deaths. She finds it incredulous that there is no scientific curiosity by those who claim to care for the environment to conduct a thorough study on this significant uptick in mammal deaths since commencement of these projects. She is seriously concerned about the impact on tourism to the shore areas, as well as the commercial fishermen. She said that a 2 1/2 half year joint study between the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and the Responsible Offshore Development Alliance documented numerous impacts these projects will have on fish and marine mammals while altering the marine environment. In November 7 you have a chance to make a history by voting for our endorsed candidates. Vote for Holly Schepisi and ask your family and friends to vote as well. If the legislature flips so will these policies.