Save The East Coast Endorses Strong Candidates in District 5 Race

Save the East Coast endorses NJ District 5 candidates for the upcoming November elections. Everyone asks how can we stop this destruction of our shores. One of the biggest things we can do is make sure we get ourselves and others out to vote for candidates that have pledged to stop this industrialization of our shores. These three great candidates spoke to us last night about how they will fight for our shores. Future Assemblywomen Yalinda Pagan is a Save the East Coast member that has been teaching others of the harms of this offshore turbine fiasco. Future Senator Clyde E. Cook is a courageous and incorruptible servant of the people that demands transparency and accountability. Future Assemblyman Joe Miller’s common sense approach and ability to build rapport will help us stop this. Please make sure to vote and also help out with funding campaign, attending events, and canvassing as much as you can. Every bit helps!