Press Release 9.22.23

Press release 9/22/23

Save the East Coast Endorses Slate of NJ Candidates

Group of Five Gains Approval from Grassroots Ocean Advocacy Group Opposing Offshore Wind Industrialization

September 22, 2023

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Long Branch, NJ–Sept 22, 2023: Save the East Coast, a New Jersey based grassroots ocean environmental advocacy group, announces today its endorsement of five legislative candidates in the 2023 New Jersey general election November 7th. The following candidates demonstrate a commitment to halting the offshore wind industrialization of NJ’s coastal ecosystem and communities currently underway.

The endorsed candidates are:

✓ Paul Kanitra, LD-10 Assembly candidate

✓ Steve Dnistrian, NJLD-11 Senate

✓ Patricia Johnson, NJLD-14 Senate

✓ Michael Pappas, NJLD-16 Senate

✓ Neal Shah, NJLD-18 Senate

Through their public actions and statements and in meetings with members of Save the East Coast, these candidates have each conveyed a commitment to stopping the rapid and reckless transformation of our coastal ecosystems and communities before it is too late.

“These candidates are exactly what the citizens of NJ need to stop this destructive undertaking,” said Mike Dean, Save the East Coast member. “Far too much is at stake to let current leadership in Trenton continue to push policies that harm our marine life, auction off our money and livelihoods and hand control of our state treasure – the Jersey Shore – to foreign energy conglomerates.”

Save the East Coast is a bipartisan ocean environmental advocacy group that fights to protect the ocean, coastal ecosystems, and coastal communities from the limitless harms and costs associated with offshore wind industrialization. The group fights for all impacted marine species, shore towns and the livelihoods of fishermen and small family businesses among others that will be devastated by the installation of hundreds of industrial wind turbines, ocean based substations and thousands of miles of EMF-emitting transmission cables in and near NJ’s coastal waters and beaches enjoyed by millions of residents and tourists year after year.

The group actively supports candidates that oppose offshore wind and expects to endorse additional candidates in the coming weeks heading into this fall’s election season.