Endorsement for Roger Locandro – NJ LD- 15

We are very happy to endorse Roger Locardo for Senate in District 15. Roger is an impressive individual who understands energy solutions better than most since this is part of what he does as a profession. He understands that Wind Turbines is very inefficient way of producing energy, that the grid in New Jersey cannot absorb the energy that they are planning to generate, That transmission of the electricity through thousands of mile of cables is inefficient way of bringing electricity to the grid and that the only beneficiaries of this industrialization of our oceans is wall street and certain politicians like his opponent senator Shirley Turner whose vote was the critical vote in passing legislation that moved a billion dollars from the people of new jersey to Orsted. Please help Roger get elected, we absolutely need him in the government to bring common sense solution to New Jersey energy sector. Join his campaign or donate in locandronjld15.com.

Roger locandro is running for senate in NJ district 15